Mentorship opportunity with director Tosca Musk

The Chimaera Project is proud to announce that Tosca Musk will be providing a mentorship opportunity as a part of our SUPPORT.HER mentorship program. Musk is a multi-award-winning filmmaker known for her directing, producing, writing, executive producing of feature films and leading-edge content. In 2017, Musk co- founded Passionflix, a premium streaming entertainment platform that produces and distributes empowering and passionate movies, specifically focused on the romance genre. Passionflix has had an overwhelmingly positive response in the romance community since launching and has so far released 12 original movies, one series and 10 short films.

Mentorship details:

Tosca has graciously offered three one-hour mentorship sessions over the course of three months. Once a mentee is selected, a Chimaera Project representative will facilitate the mentorship by providing assistance in coordinating schedules and providing a bridge between mentor and mentee. Due to COVID restrictions, all mentorships will be remote.

Candidate requirements:

Tosca is seeking to empower a woman or non-binary filmmaker in her mentorship. She is seeking candidates with relevant experience in directing and/or producing.

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