TO.GET.HER 2022 Program Recipients

Inside a Collage by Bella Racklin

Acting Like Women by Cheri Gaulke

Wise Love by Tomeka Winborne

The Job of Songs by Lila Schmitz

Esmeralda by Jennifer Greco

Tainted by Tonya Mollineau

Punk is Punk by Kimberly Bautista

Tooth by Jillian Corsie

Good Side of Bad by Alethea Root

The Village That Once Was by Tyrrell Shaffner

Once Was by Lilan Bowden

Dragonfly by Julia Morizawa

The Ciguapa by Blaine Morris

Do Digital Curanderas Use Eggs In Their Limpias? by Roberto Fatal

George Shirley: Il Rudolfo Nero by Miranda Plant

Leveling Lincoln by Arden Teresa Lewis

Time Apart by Courtney Hope Therond