Shaun Paul Piccinino

Shaun Paul Piccinino is an award winning Filmmaker, Film and Television Director.
Earlier achievements include the Television series Deadliest Warrior, directing and also portraying Scottish hero William Wallace, the Call of Duty Franchise, UFC Undisputed 1, 2, & 3, Spider-Man:  Web of Shadows, Robot Chicken (editing and visual effects) and The Lackey (award winning feature film made for just $7,500).

Piccinino has been pursuing his passion of entertaining through the lens of a true student and fan of movies.  Since his move to Los Angeles from Northern California in 2001, he has worked in every aspect of the business from acting, editing, script writing, producing, stunt coordinating, and Directing.  His training began early in life with a gift for creativity and a thirst to entertain others, and he has developed a solid reputation for creativity, honesty, efficiency and staying on budget and succinct time management on set.

He is also very well trained in Martial Arts. Shaun is a AAU National Champion in traditional Japanese Karate, is a 4th degree Black Belt southern Shaolin Kung Fu and 1st Degree Black Belt in Okinawan Karate. He was able to use these skills in films, television and 37 video games to date. 

Over the last few years Piccinino has completed directing numerous projects including the tv series, “For Honor”, an epic World War 2 accounting of Jimmy Dolittle’s heroic retaliation mission following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the following feature films, “American Fighter”, A gritty action drama about a young man fighting to save his mother from her war torn homeland, “Lady Driver”, the inspiring story of a 16 year old girl who dares to become a Race Car Champion in a male dominated sport, “Roped”, a romantic tale of city girl meets cowboy and a boisterous action comedy, “Wheels Of Fortune” about a middle-aged lovable loser doing whatever it takes to inherited his estranged family’s fortune.

Both Lady Driver and Roped broke into the top most viewed list on Netflix worldwide for several months in a row. Shaun’s most recent projects had him directing and producing the first season of a new science fiction television series called, “Salvage Marines” based on the popular novel series, “Necrospace” starring Casper Van Dien and Armand Assante and the Netflix Original, “A California Christmas” due out later this year.