Lohanne Cook

Lohanne Cook is a Content and Communications Specialist who focuses on assisting non-profits, brands and causes to help tell their story. She joined The Chimaera Project in 2015 and has been a proud member of the team ever since. Lohanne is passionate about working on projects such as these that empower female filmmakers. Earning a graduate from CSUF, Lohanne has extensive experience in programming filmmaking panels and seminars. She has partnered with several festivals including Newport Beach Film Festival, where she oversaw and produced the Filmmaking Seminars program. These programs provide filmmakers the opportunity to expand their knowledge and connect with industry experts and organizations, which include Academy Award winners, NewFilmmakers LA, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, ACE, Zeiss, and more. Additionally, Lohanne hosts a pop culture podcast, The NerdMix. Ultimately, she seeks to bring organizations and industry professionals together to educate and celebrate the art and craft of film.