Joanna Ke

Joanna Ke is The Chimaera Project’s Event Producer. She is an award-winning filmmaker that thrives in the industry as an actor, writer, professional script reader, and producer. Being half Asian, she champions diverse stories led by women, both behind and in front of the camera. 

As an actor, she’s had the honor of working with director Cameron Crowe, and she studied the craft of screenwriting with the late, great Syd Field. As a professional script reader, Joanna has read hundreds of scripts for production companies, producers, literary management, sales agents, and screenwriters. She is known for her ability to masterfully analyze screenplays. She runs the twitter account @femcharacters, highlighting the unfortunate way women are often portrayed on screen.  Joanna wrote, produced, and stars in fantasy action “Protectress,” currently on a festival run with 11 awards, including Best Fantasy, Best Action, Best Performance, and Inspiring Woman in a Film for Joanna. She’s also a trained sword fighter. Wielding her broadsword is a favorite, both on and off camera. View Protectress Official Trailer …