Heidi Cox

Heidi Cox, originally from South Carolina, is a Los Angeles based actress, writer and producer who is best known for her series, “Stalking LeVar.” She is also the co-founder and owner of Dweeb Darlings: a production company that produces the series. The company works to encourage and support female creators. 

Filmmaking came as a surprise to her as she has always been an actress.  But expanding seemed to be a very natural progression.  Fun fact: Heidi has a degree in social work. And her ultimate dream (besides super powers) is to find a way for her love of the creative arts and non-profit to intersect to make a difference in domestic violence and special needs.  She is currently filming a short film/pilot presentation based on her web series and intends to produce several more projects under Dweeb Darlings in 2019-2020. Heidi is very grateful to be a part of a supportive community like The Chimaera Project.