Ana de Diego

Ana de Diego is the founder of Spark & Riot and serves as Executive Producer for the company.

It was her love and respect for documentaries, which began at an early age that inspired her to weave social action with entertainment. That inspiration was further enhanced at the University of Southern California film school, where she directed and produced several documentaries. Her goal has since been to embed social action into the production process by partnering with NGOs and weaving purpose into every shoot. 

In 2019, Ana formed a partnership with Radical Media to help service commercial productions so Spark & Riot could shift its focus to longer format content. Since then, she has produced feature length documentaries, series, films, and digital content. Her latest documentary series, #IMPACT, co-executive produced with Gal Gadot, was released in 2021 and nominated for an Imagen Award. Her feature film documentary on musician Terry Reid will be released in 2022 co-produced with Johnny Depp’s Infinitum Nihil. Ana’s love for storytelling has transitioned into the narrative world where authenticity is a core component of stories that she is shepherding into fruition – The Miller Line (series), Sumeria (series), (Mis)Matches (series), My Father’s Leg (feature), Pig Farm (feature), Down with the Duke (feature) and others. 

She has also been focused on anything ‘international’ for the last decade. Her company manages more than 20 foreign and minority directors. Together, with her directors and other development creatives, Ana represents a multitude of multicultural and multi-language projects.

Ana brings over a decade of production and line production experience and has worked alongside premiere directors to create award winning commercials and branded content at Cannes, TIFF, NYFF, Berlinale and others.