America Young

America Young is the Co-President and Founder of The Chimaera Project. She is currently working in Film, TV and Video Games, as a Director, 2nd unit director, stunt coordinator and stunt woman.  To date, she has over 45 video games under her belt.  Just this year alone, she has stunt coordinated on 3 feature films for Netflix, Lifetime and Cannal Plus.  She has directed 6 entire web series and episodes from three others. She has directed 13 shorts and 2 music videos. America is so excited that all her years of production experience and geek obsession culminated into directing her first feature, a pop-culture comedy called “The Concessionaires Must Die!!”, executive produced by Stan Lee. ( which had it’s SOLD OUT World Premiere, opening weekend at The Palm Springs Film Festival in 2017.  And is now available on Itunes and other VOD platforms.

She JUST finished post on a webseries, “Whatta Lark”, that pairs a quiet, introverted woman with the fiercest and most loveliest of Drag Queens; the show can be watched on Amazon and youtube.

America is shopping a sci-fi action proof of concept called ALT.   As well as one exploring how to move on after domestic violence set in a superhero universe called “Fight or Flight”. Her short “Protectress”, Xena inspired Fantasy, winner of Best Action and Best Fantasy so far on the festival circuit, was the ultimate experience in female empowerment both in story and behind the camera.  Her short “Just In Time”, a film that is Jumanji meets Quantum Leap is also just starting it’s festival circuit and won Best Director at the Broad Humor Film Festival.  And a proof of concept based on a dream is currently in development with Madhouse Entertainment & Cantina Creative.

America directed season four of an animated series for Mattel and is attached to direct two features, one a satirical, genre, action comedy called “Smash Girl” about a punk girl band with superpowers and the other, a heart felt, brilliantly subtle drama, “It’s Not Me”.

When America’s not kicking the crap out of Super-Heroes that support the Superhuman Registration Act, jumping off buildings, teaching actors how to fight or setting herself on fire, she enjoys telling stories, sipping herbal tea and sharpening her pair of Sai.