2019 TO.GET.HER PROGRAM Recipients!

Together we will work TO.GET.HER. funded, finished, hired!

Congratulations 2019 TO.GET.HER Filmmakers!

Alone Together by Katie Sponseller

A teenage girl faces her troubling past of sexual abuse the only way she can think of — by joining the boy’s wrestling team. Category: Narrative short film.

Delicate State by Paula Rhodes

Shot over the course of their actual pregnancy with cast doubling as 2-man crew, Paula and Charlie document their impending parenthood during a time of extreme political division. Their heads remain in the sand about the greater world around them until it upends their privileged life. Now they face a situation Instagram never prepared them for, but that women all over the world face daily – bringing life into a country torn apart by war. Category: Narrative feature film.

Lorelei by Sabrina Doyle

A man is released from prison after 15 years. He reunites with his high school girlfriend, now a single mother of three. What follows is a lyrical take on love, regret and second chances. Category: Narrative feature film.

LORELEI (trailer)

The Rest of Us by Florencia Krochik

Shot over a seven year period during the rise and fall of DACA, THE REST OF US explores the broken American immigration system and follows the lives of five undocumented students as they live, study and work towards a better life in a country that doesn’t recognize them as its own. Category: Documentary feature film.

Do You Have A…? by Michelle Gritzer

When timid people-pleaser Amy unexpectedly gets her period at her new job, she ends up on a crazy quest to find a tampon before her pants (and her big presentation) are ruined. Category: Narrative short film.

DO YOU HAVE A…? (trailer)

Kill Cat Oakland by Nora Heidenreich

When the psychotic family cat attacks their dying mother, young sisters Rose and Julia decide today is the day he must die. Unfortunately, he just won’t go. This is a story about what it means to grieve “the right way.” Category: Narrative short film.

Thank You 2019 TO.GET.HER Semi-Finalists for Your Participation!

Make Me the Tennessee by Candace Hammer

The Longest Straw by Samantha Bode

The Rest of Us by Florencia Krochik

Concrete Futuro by Jade Porter

Lorelei by Sabrina Doyle

Do You Have A …? by Michelle Gritzer

Delicate State by Paula Rhodes

Jane Short by Natalija Vekic

Alone Together by Katie Sponseller

The Village That Once Was by Tyrrell Shaffner

Continental Breakfast by Pauline Gray

Visual Description by Lauren Smitelli

Kill Cat Oakland by Nora Heidenreich

Our TO.GET.HER finishing fund program presents cash and in-kind awards to California-based female filmmakers.

We are proud to share TO.GET.HER is supported in part by the California Arts Council, LA County Department of Arts and Culture and the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles.