Teen Ambassadors

The Chimaera Project Teen Ambassador program provides an opportunity for high school students to become involved with The Chimaera Project through volunteerism and leadership development. The Program is administered by The Chimaera Project staff and volunteer advisors who work with program participants in the planning and implementation of various events and activities throughout the year.

Alisha is a student, an actor and has directed several student award-winning theater productions. Her goal is to have a career in the TV and film industry.

I’m a photographer from Southern California and a teen ambassador for The Chimera Project. I love to help them out whenever I get the chance.  I started photography during my freshman year when traveling to New York with my mom. I didn’t have a camera so I used my phone. I didn’t receive or learn how to use a camera until my junior year when I started to take it more seriously. Creativity has always been something I knew I needed and something I would always lean on. A few of my other favorite things to do are guitar, bass, keyboard, drawing, acting and helping others with understanding the basics of Photography. ~Summer