Spotlight: Carlease Burke

The Chimaera Project had the joy of chatting with New York actress Carlease Burke, in her words, she is “living that Hollywood life.” Carlease is active on social media, when she isn’t taking the entertainment world by storm, and you can find her easily on or IMDb at

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today Carlease, you have such a wonderful drive and spirit, how you do think that has encouraged you in the pursuit of your dreams?

I must always show an appreciation for my childhood dentist Dr. C.O. Simpkins and my mentor Sandra Reeves Phillips. These were the two people who planted the seed of belief in me. Dr. Simpkins connected me with the daughter of a lady he dated in college. The daughter was my age and doing a Broadway show. She lived in Los Angeles and we would visit back and forth. When I decided to make that move, she was the first person to give me a roof over my head. Mama Sandra directed me in the musical RAISIN and told me I was crazy if I did not pursue a show business career. I also remember the outpouring of love I received in the one acting class I took in college. These are the moments that encouraged me to follow my heart, my dream, my passion.

That is really wonderful to have such a supportive start. It is probably why you are so supportive and inclusive in your journey.

As far as making the industry and world more inclusive, I can only lead by example. I believe all people have value and I associate with people based on what they have to offer from the inside out.

Well, we agree whole-heartedly with that! We also understand you spend time mentoring and sharing your wisdoms online with your social followers, please tell us more about that!

I mentor a handful of young people and often work with others who aspire to do what I’ve done in my career. I share my story and encourage them to be patient first and foremost. I suggest they start by knowing exactly where they are and what they have to offer then be very clear on where they are going. Pick one goal and stay focused on it. There’s nothing wrong with having multiple goals, you just can’t achieve them all at exactly the same time.

At the end of my Ask A Stage Goddess videos on YouTube and my Thursday LIVE on facebook, I leave my viewers with these words: Be A Star Where You Are!

Those are wise words indeed! We bet it inspires other to reach for the stars. But in terms of you and your dreams, what are you most proud of in your career and work?

There have been many proud moments on this journey. The most recent was booking a series regular role on an NBC sitcom called CROWDED.

Congrats on that! It must have been amazing.

I basked in every single moment of Season One believing that this was only the beginning. Unfortunately there was no Season Two. The life of this show was short, the lessons are long. I achieved a goal I was beginning to think would never materialize and I felt like I had earned a PhD in television right up until the last episode aired. I learned more about TV sitcom production in 2 years than I ever learned in the 34 years I’d been working in Hollywood. It’s prepared me for the next 34 years!

We are sure it has. And we can’t wait to see where you will be then. We look forward to following your journey and cheering you on!