Rosanna Sun

Throughout her 20+ year professional career, Rosanna Sun has made the impossible – possible. Step in. Step up. Step forward. Usually with high constraints, high pressure and with the highest expected quality output, Rosanna has learned to problem solve quickly and creatively for the betterment of any project. Rosanna started her ever-evolving career in entertainment as a professional member of San Francisco Ballet Company. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College, she tested the waters in the public sector doing foundation grant writing and paralegal work until she ventured into the world of film.   Working on such films as, Ghost and the Darkness, Titanic and The Thin Red Line, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions Rosanna assumed the position of Director of Development for Roland Joffe’s production company, Lightmotive, later to become Nomad Productions.  Over the course of her 3+years working on those two films, Rosanna was also asked by the Wachowski Directors to be the sole creative Producer for Enter The Matrix, a unique video game project brought to life by using film making techniques, assets and pipelines.  In mid 2003, ETM was delivered on time, meeting its street date and over-selling all expectations (over 1 million copies in the first month alone).  She also managed the day-to-day operations for Noir FX which supervised the vfx on Justice League, Batman vs Superman, Man of Steel, Green Lantern, 300 Rise of the Empire, Sucker Punch, Watchmen, The Kingdom, Xmen:The Last Stand and Fantastic 4.   In 2009, Rosanna was given access to a warehouse of undiscovered art by one of the foremost Jewish artist in the US, Bernard Zakheim.  This discovery and relationship with the Zakheim family led to the cataloguing and photographing over 1000 original pieces. Eventually, Rosanna was asked to co-curate and help design a large-scale exhibition entitled Zakheim: The Art of Prophetic Justice that opened in mid 2010 in San Francisco, CA to rave reviews.  With an extensive knowledge of casting, production, budgeting and performance capture technology, Rosanna was hired by House of Moves as the Senior Executive Producer in 2015 where she personally cast 100’s of actors in key roles on multiple projects, produced a multitude of projects within the facility and managed the 25+ internal facility crew. In mid-2015, Rosanna was fortunate to be part of the inception and original creation of “The Barbie Vlog” by Mattel Creations, under the direction of Julia Pistor. Throughout her career, Rosanna has produced and maintained a solid knowledge of physical production, performance capture technology, videogame technology, rapid production content, animation and all live action production. First and foremost, Rosanna approaches every project on the premise that entertainment can always exist at the highest form, regardless of the hardware or venue. Armed with knowledge in both storytelling and technology, Rosanna is most interested in working towards a true collaboration between and among all forces, allowing for the creative strengths in any area to converge and move us into new and better forms of entertainment for everyone.